11 Must Have Tools for Canning Beginners

11 Must Have Tools for Canning Beginners

So, you’ve decided to start canning? You have come to the right place! Whether you are starting a new business, have a small garden and need a new use for your produce, or just want to tinker around with it, you will need all the right tools to get started.

Preserved vegetables in glass jars.

What are the Must Have Tools for a Canning Beginner?


First, you will need a canning pot. This is where the magic happens. A large saucepan or stock pot can work, but there are pots made specifically for canning, and I highly recommend going that route.

This is the 15qt pot that I use all the time. The larger capacity allows some extra headroom for normal jars and the ability to stack the smaller 4oz jars, doubling the canning capacity per batch.


Next, a rack for the pot will help keep your jars from breaking as it separates the glass from the main heat source. The first pot I got came with a rack. It seemed like a good package, but the rack quickly began to rust, so I stopped using it and replaced it with another better option.

Jars with Lids and Bands

Canning jars are quite easy to come by, but there are several options for size, mouth opening width, and design. I prefer a normal mouth, 12oz jar, but this is just a personal preference. Just make sure they come with the split-type lid and band design. Check out my review of these three jars here.


This is the most necessary tool for getting your product in to the jars. For 12 oz jars, I recommend a 4oz ladle. This allows for quick filling, but a higher level of control than something larger. It just keeps thing from getting as messy.


Speaking of messy, while a ladle is necessary, equally so is a funnel. There are many canning funnels available on the market. I’ve used both silicon and stainless steel varieties. Both function equally well, so this will come down to your personal preference as well. Just make sure to get them in the right size for your jars. They should sit neatly in the top, allowing for one-person filling of your jars with very little, if any spillage.

Gloves or Mitts

Since we’re talking about hot water bath canning, it should come as no surprise that things get HOT in the process. The jars, the product, and the canning pot lid all get very hot. You will need something to protect your hands.


The jar lifter is a tool unique to canning. It serves but one purpose and is aptly named. Its sole job is to lift the hot jars into and out of your canning pot at the beginning and end of the process. 

Cooling Pads

When the jars come out of the canning pot, they are incredibly hot, so setting them on a cool counter- top is not an option, as it can lead to immediate breakage of the jar. The jars will need to cool to room temperature as you wait for the familiar “pop” of the lid as the seals are completed.


While not 100% necessary, a marker is very helpful for keeping track of what you have made. Whether you are waiting for the jars to cool to add labels, or just want to keep everything straight, marking the lid with something recognizable will help keep things organized.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Many people believe cooking to be more of an art than a science, and I mostly agree, but if you want to make consistent product on a repeatable basis, it is important to document and follow your recipes every time, which requires precise measurements of your ingredients.


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Final Thoughts

I hope you have found this article helpful and are well on your way to your first batch of pickles, jam, relish, or whatever else you may can! Please let us know if you have any questions or have other topics you’d like to see us cover.

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