3 Best 12oz Mason Jars for Canning

3 Best 12oz Mason Jars for Canning

After purchasing all of the necessary tools for canning (see my 11 Must Have Tools for Canning Beginners) , the next thing to decide is which jars to use. 

When choosing jars for canning, there are tons of options. I prefer 12oz jars for most uses, so here are my 3 Best 12oz Mason Jars for canning.

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1. Kamota 12oz Mason Jars

This is a classic designed that we used for months before going with another option, and the reason we changed had nothing to do with this particular jar. It was purely an aesthetic choice.


  1. Classic and timeless design – By far the most recognizable shape for a mason jar
  2. Low failure rate – No product is perfect, so we did have some jars break or lids not seal, but it was rare 


  1. The packaging – While the jars are well protected in foam – we have never received a broken jar – the boxes leave much to be desired. They are thin and flimsy and don’t inspire confidence.
  2. When they DO fail, it tends to be catastrophic, with the bottom of the jar blowing out and leaving broken glass in the pot.


This is a definite go to jar for most needs and I’d be glad to recommend them to anyone getting in to canning. 4.5 stars.


2. Qappda 12oz Mason Jars

This is the jar we now use almost exclusively. We prefer the black lid, but there are a couple of reasons it only made it to #2 on my list.


  1. Classic Design with a unique twist – The black lids go a long way to make our products look great and set us apart from others.
  2. Cost – This is also the lowest cost option of all the jars in this list
  3. The included marker is helpful for labeling products before we apply permanent labels


  1. The black lids, while elegant and stylish, are prone to scratching. Be careful when moving them around before canning
  2. Slightly higher fail rate than the Kamota jars, however this is usually just a failure to seal rather than breakage.


Another solid choice, albeit with a couple of drawbacks, but still worth purchasing. 4 stars.


3. Verones 12oz Mason Jars

If you’re looking for a more sleek design or a slightly taller jar in the same 12oz size, the Verones 12oz Mason Jar is a great option.


  1. Unique flat side design – We use this for our Bloody Mary mixers and have been met with great feedback
  2. Cost – These are also on the less expensive  end of the spectrum.


  1. The lids – The ring component of the lids are fine, but the lids themselves are garbage. I throw them away immediately and replace with one of these.
  2. Package size – with only 15 jars per box, we go through them more quickly than I would like.


This jar may be last on my list, but it is still a viable option if you are willing to replace the lids with something of higher quality. 3.5 stars


Final Thoughts

Deciding which 12oz Mason Jars to buy can be difficult with the number of options available, and there are more expensive options than the ones presented here. However, all three of these options are solid choices.

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Disclaimer: This article includes affiliate links. If you use these links to make purchases, I may earn a commission.


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