3 Best Ice Molds for Bourbon and Other Cocktails


Cocktail ice can be a complicated topic. Some people just use the same old ice from the kitchen freezer. Others buy counter top ice makers either out of necessity or the convenience of their speed. Here are my 3 Best Countertop Ice Makers for Basement Bars, Man Caves, and She Sheds.

If you don’t want to spend the money on a counter top model or prefer larger cubes or balls than your kitchen freezer can make, specialty ice molds are your answer.

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glacio Round Ice Cube Molds

If freezer space is a premium, the glacio Round Ice Cube Mold is a great option. It’s single cube design and silicon construction make it a winner for any cocktail lover.

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  1. Fitment – The halves of this mold fit very well together. There is no leaky mess when refilling.
  2. Silicon Construction – Stays pliable and non-stick even at freezing temperatures.
  3. Long-lasting – The large size of the ice balls created by these molds makes them last a very long time with very little watering down of your delicious cocktail.


  1. Thick base – While the thick, flat-bottom base keeps these molds in place, they can make removing the ice difficult. A little practice with technique goes a long way
  2. Size – while the large size does make the ice last a long time, it can sometimes feel like the ice is the star of the glass rather than the spirits.
  3. No Fill Line – It takes some guesswork to figure out how much water to add to get a full ball without any overflow through the fill hole.


A top pick overall, the glacio Round Ice Cube Mold produces a consistent product that is sure to impress. 4.5 stars.


glacio Ice Cube Molds

For higher volume needs, the glacio Ice Cube Molds are an excellent choice. They also set themselves apart from the other molds on this list by being square. The perfect size for any cocktail glass, you certainly can’t go wrong with these molds.

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  1. Capacity – 8 cubes per tray in a relatively small package makes entertaining larger groups a breeze.
  2. Appearance – the large square cubes really spruce up the glass without being too big.
  3. Silicon construction – Holds up well in the cold temperatures.


  1. Ice removal – The trays are very flexible, but it sometimes takes quite a bit of force to remove each cube.
  2. Time to freeze – Better plan ahead for these guys. Make sure to have them filled the day before you plan to use them.


An excellent choice overall, especially for entertaining larger groups, the difficulty in removing the ice cubes is the one thing bringing this down to a 4 star rating.


Shefio Round Ice Cube Mold

Last on my list is the Shefio Round Ice Cube Mold. That its last on the list by no means indicates that it is a bad option. In fact, it has several strengths of its own.

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  1. Easy Ice Removal – This is the easiest one in the list to remove the ice balls from. This is due to the lower profile base.
  2. Size – A great compromise between large cube size for lasting ice and allowing the cocktail to be the star of the glass.


  1. Flimsy – The silicon is thinner than the other options in this list and leaves these molds prone to the occasional leak when refilling.
  2. Thin Base – The X pattern base isn’t as stable as the flat bottom molds, so getting them to sit level on a freezer rack can be a challenge.


While this ice mold is third on my list, I wouldn’t have a problem recommending it to anyone. It makes great ice and stands up well over time. 3.5 stars.


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