glacio Ice Cube Tray – Review

glacio Ice Cube Tray

Gone are the days, for a lot of people, of just grabbing ice from the kitchen freezer to make a cocktail. As bars and restaurants everywhere continue to raise the bar on cocktail quality, people are beginning to want a similar experience at home. That starts with ice!

One popular ice choice is a large ice cube. They look great, last a long time, and don’t water down cocktails nearly as quickly as smaller cubes. And one of the best options I’ve found for making them is the glacio Ice Cube Tray. With 8 cubes per tray, the compact design takes up less space than expected in your freezer.

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  1. Capacity – 8 cubes per tray in a relatively small package makes entertaining larger groups a breeze.
  2. Appearance – the large square cubes really spruce up the glass without being too big.
  3. Silicon construction – Holds up well in the cold temperatures.


  1. Ice removal – The trays are very flexible, but it sometimes takes quite a bit of force to remove each cube.
  2. Time to freeze – Better plan ahead for these guys. Make sure to have them filled the day before you plan to use them.

Overall Rating

This is one of my favorite ice molds to date. I prefer some of the individual round options, but for the quantity of ice this provides in a small package, and the appearance and long lasting nature of the cubes, the glacio Ice Cube Tray is a smart choice. 4 stars.


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