Ninja BL770AMZ Mega Kitchen System

Ninja BL770AMZ Mega Kitchen System

 The Ninja BL&&) AMZ Mega Kitchen System is a true hybrid system among a sea of blenders and food processors on the market today. Check out my Ultimate Guide to Ninja Blenders and Food Processors to see what I mean!

While many prefer a standalone blender and a standalone food processor, there are more and more combined/hybrid options available now. With the ability to keep prices down by only needing one motor base, these hybrid systems are a great option for many home cooks.


  1. 1500 Watt Motor – This high-power motor is the perfect base for the hybrid capabilities of this machine.
  2. Flexibility – The 72oz blending pitcher, 8 cup food processor bowl, and 16oz blending cup each make this unit a capable contender in all segments: larger batches, food processing, and quick on-the-go blending.
  3. Included Dough Blade – Make all kinds of dough quickly and easily with the included Dough Blade.
  4. Easy to clean – All parts are BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe.
  5. What’s included – 1500 Watt Motor Base, 72oz. Total Crushing Pitcher, 8 Cup Food Processing Bowl, 10oz Nutri Ninja Cup with To-Go Lid, Stacked Blade Assembly, Dough Blade Assembly, Chopping Blade Assembly, Pro Extractor Blades Assembly, and Inspiration Guide.
Ninja BL770AMZ

Ninja BL770AMZ Mega Kitchen System Impressions

Ninja has so many great options in their product lineup. It is difficult to choose the best among them, for sure, but the Ninja BL770AMZ shines as a true option for handling all of your kitchen blending and processing needs. The included 16oz blending cup with to-go lid is the icing on the cake. Not only can you make large batches of smoothies, frozen cocktails, salsas, or chopped ingredients quickly, you can also make a refreshing single serving drink in seconds without the hassle of dirtying up the larger pitcher.

While I love the Ninja Food Processor and Blender that I currently own (and use often), if I ever need to replace either of them, the Ninja BL770AMZ will be high on my list of potential candidates. Check it out yourself and let us know what you think!

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