Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender

Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender

Ninja blenders are known for high quality and innovation (Check out my Ultimate Guide to Ninja Blenders and Food Processors for my other Ninja Reviews!). The Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender is no different. By pairing a powerful motor with an equally capable heating element, Ninja has given us something truly unique.


  1. 1400 Watt Motor – Plenty of power for all your blending and ice crushing needs.
  2. 800 Watt Heating Element – A unique feature that makes soups and infused beverages simpler than ever.
  3. Auto-iQ Technology – 12 preset programs make your favorite recipes as simple as the push of a button.
  4. High Speed Blade – Perfect for crushing ice or blending an wide array of ingredients into an amazing recipe.
Ninja HB152

Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender Impressions

If you’re looking for a capable blender, one that can make all the smoothies and frozen beverages your hear desires, this one will fit the bill. With a 64oz capacity, it is perfectly capable of making singe servings or whipping up a batch for you and a few friends. However, what really sets this blender apart is the included 800 Watt heating element. This extra feature allows for blending hot ingredients, making flavor infusion as easy as ever. While maybe not the primary function of this blender, having that option would keep it on my shopping list.

This, along with al the usual Ninja features and build quality, make the Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat-iQ Blender a solid choice in a crowded market.

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