Ninja NF701 Professional XL Food Processor – Review

Ninja NF701 Professional XL Food Processor

As our small business began to grow, we were no longer able to keep up with demand by hand cutting and chopping our ingredients, so it was time to find a good food processor. We decided on the Ninja NF701 Professional XL Food Processor for the high power and large capacity. If you don’t need that kind of capacity, there are several other choices from Ninja. I’ve just completed my Ultimate Guide to Ninja Blenders and Food Processors, so feel free to check it out, and come back often as I am working on Ultimate Guides for other brands as well!

For other non-Ninja options, check out my 3 Best Food Processors for Personal and Home-Based Business Use.

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  1. Power – 1200W peak wattage means we have more than enough power to shred through any variety of fruits or vegetables
  2. Capacity – the 96oz bowl allows us to churn out our products at a much higher rate than before, and in more consistent batches
  3. Versatility – Two shred sizes and an adjustable slicing blade make shredding and cutting a breeze.
  4. Cleaning – Easy to disassemble and clean. A quick rinse followed by running the shopping blade with some warm water and soap gets it done in a hurry.


  1. Chute Size – I wish the second size chute was just a little bit larger to fit some of the thicker cucumber and zucchini we slice and shred so often.
  2. Reliability – I’m hoping we just got unlucky on the first one we had, but a piece of the spinning mechanism in the bowl broke after a few months of use, but we like this machine so much, we bought another one. Hopefully it will last longer.

Overall Rating

I really like the Ninja NF701 Professional XL Food Processor, and would have no problem giving it 5 stars, but the one reliability issue gives me pause, so until a year or so with no more issues passes, I’m going with 3.75 stars.


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