Ninja QB1004 Blender Food Processer

Ninja QB1004 Blender Food Processor

Blenders, blenders, and more blenders! That’s what I keep thinking as I find new models to review (Check out my Ultimate Guide to Ninja Blenders and Food Processors for my other Ninja Reviews!). But, out of the entire list, the Ninja QB1004 Blender Food Processor is the most unique. What it lacks in size and total power, it makes up for in convenience and productivity.

The unique design of this blender foregoes the typical motor base that just takes up space on the counter when not in use. Instead, the power pod sits atop the blending pitcher or bowl and stores easily away in a cabinet or drawer.



  1. 450 Watt Motor – Perfectly matched for this size unit.
  2. Multiple Bowls – Different sizes and functions for a variety of recipes
  3. Compact Design – With no motor base to take up space on your counter, this unit can easily fit in a cabinet or deep drawer.
  4. Easy to clean – All parts are Dishwasher Safe and BPA free.
  5. What’s included – 450 Watt Power Pod, 48oz Pitcher, 16Oz Chopper Bowl, 40Oz Processor Bowl with splash guard, 2 Storage Lids.
Ninja QB1004

Ninja QB1004 Blender Food Processor Impressions

It’s easy to look at blender’s specs and features, pick the highest power one with the most attachments, and go about your day. But for some jobs, a small unit like the Ninja QB1004 is actually the better choice. The 450 Watt motor is plenty for the small batches this blender is intended for. Making a salsa for a quick meal with friends or family and don’t need a bunch of leftovers? This unit is perfect!

It’s also great for chopping up smaller quantities of herbs or nuts, making single serve smoothies, and blending soups or sauces that just don’t need a huge pitcher to accomplish. We have a big food processor and a standard blender here, but we still use our little Ninja just as much. It’s just the right tool for the job sometimes, and anyone that works with their hands, in the kitchen or otherwise, knows the right tool for the job makes the whole job easier.

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