Shefio Round Ice Cube Mold – Review

Shefio Round Ice Cube Mold

Gone are the days, for a lot of people, of just grabbing ice from the kitchen freezer to make a cocktail. As bars and restaurants everywhere continue to raise the bar on cocktail quality, people are beginning to want a similar experience at home. That starts with ice!

Large ice balls are one of the most popular options. They look great in a glass and last a long time without watering down your cocktail. The Shefio Round Ice Cube Mold is an excellent choice, mainly because of the size of ice ball it produces. Not too large to take over, but large enough to maintain the long lasting nature of a larger ball.

If you are new to craft cocktails, or if you are just looking for a new way to try a vast selection of spirits, check out Flaviar. These ice molds will help you get the most out of any of their offerings. And, for other great ice mold options, check out my 3 Best Ice Molds for Bourbon and Other Cocktails.


  1. Easy Ice Removal – This is the easiest one in the list to remove the ice balls from. This is due to the lower profile base.
  2. Size – A great compromise between large cube size for lasting ice and allowing the cocktail to be the star of the glass.


  1. Flimsy – The silicon is thinner than the other options in this list and leaves these molds prone to the occasional leak when refilling.
  2. Thin Base – The X pattern base isn’t as stable as the flat bottom molds, so getting them to sit level on a freezer rack can be a challenge.

Overall Rating

The Shefio Round Ice Cube Mold is a solid choice for any freezer. The convenient four-pack is sure to please. While I would have no problem recommending it to anyone, there are some other options I prefer. 3.5 stars.


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