Zip Slim – An Honest Review and Testimonial

Zip Slim - An Honest Review and Testimonial

Have you heard of the latest offering from Beyond Slim? If you found this article, chances are you have, and you’d like to know more about Zip Slim, one of the newest dietary supplements on the market. Most importantly, you probably want to know: DOES IT WORK? In a word, YES! We’ll get in to the details, but first, let’s take a look at what Zip Slim promises.

What Is Zip Slim?

Simply put, Zip Slim is a flavored lemonade dietary supplement. It promises to help you lose 3X the weight, reduce cravings, and help you become Fitter, Healthier, and Happier.

What does all that mean exactly? 3X the weight as what? Well, 3X the weight you could expect to lose with diet and exercise without Zip Slim. That sounds great, but how can that even be accurately measured? Research, that’s how!

Numerous double blind studies vs placebo have been conducted, and the ingredients in Zip Slim have been shown to help with weight loss, memory, stress reduction, and focus. Each of these studies are documented on the company’s website.

We can talk about promises and studies all day long, but the question of whether or not it really works still looms. Let’s start to answer that with some pros and cons.

Zip Slim


  1. Taste – Zip Slim is delicious! I’m usually shy of lemonades because of the “dry” taste they leace in my mouth. The Blackcherry Lemonade flavor leaves none of that, so I look forward to each drink.
  2. Energy – I’m finding much less need for naps during the day and generally feel “better” than before I started using it.
  3. Weight Loss – While I haven’t seen massive losses, 10lbs in a month is plenty of progress for me.
  4. Appetite Suppression – While I am on a lower calorie diet than before, I never feel like I’m starving myself, or even that hungry.
  5. Focus – I feel like I am able to focus more on the task at hand, whether it be work or otherwise.


  1. Cost – Zip Slim is expensive. At $170 on the subscribe and save plan, it does hit the wallet. This can be offset by becoming a Coach and introducing others to the product, but that is certainly not a requirement. Also, if you break it down, this translates to only $2.82 per drink, taken twice daily. That’s the same or less than a lot of people spend on other drinks on a daily basis.
  2. Variety – When I started about a month ago, there was only one flavor (available with or without caffeine). They have since added a cherry flavor (also with or without caffeine) that I haven’t tried yet, so I am hopeful for more variety in the future.
  3. Solubility – This is just a nitpick, but I find the powder slightly difficult to dissolve. It helps to use warm water and add ice, and shaking seems to work better than stirring.

We started by asking, “Does Zip Slim Work?” I believe the answer to that question is yes, and I’ve done my best to share an honest list of pros and cons to help you make your own decision on whether or not to try it. 

Outside of all the promises, I have another observation. I’ve had high blood pressure for several years now, managed by medication. As recently as 2 months ago, my doctor wanted me to start logging it again because I was hovering near that 140/90 they always want you to stay below, even with medication. Since I have been drinking Zip Slim, my blood pressure has come down at least 10 points on both numbers, on average, and I’ve even had a few readings in the actual normal range. I can’t say this is 100% attributable to the drink, and Beyond Slim makes no such claims, but I felt it necessary to share.

Weight loss wise, if you’re expecting to lose massive amounts of weight in a short time, you will be disappointed. But, 1-2 pounds per week is a healthy rate and I’ve been maintaining that since the start. My fiancé hasn’t had quite the success with the weight loss that I have, but she is seeing the rest of the benefits I have mentioned and is also slimming down.

I’ve never been one to hop on the latest diet fad or newest supplement, and I’ve certainly never used my platform to promote one, but in this case, I sort of felt like I had to. Yes, Zip Slim is expensive, but it works. It just does. Give it a try and see what you think!

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