Zip Slim Review – Quick Update

Zip Slim Review - Quick Update

 Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on my experience with Zip Slim, one of the newest dietary supplements on the market. I published a full review back in August, and I sang its praises. Well, I am here again to tell you how great of a product Zip Slim is. My blood pressure remains in check. My weight is down, and my Top Goose (who recently did me the honor of becoming my wife!) is suffering from far fewer migraines.

The Results

I don’t want to repeat my whole review for those of you who may have already read it, and for those who haven’t, feel free to check it out!

Rather, I’d like to tell you exactly how Zip Slim has worked for me.

  1. Weight Loss – In the three or so months I have been using it, I have lost 18 pounds. While not a phenomenal amount, I can say that I eat less, stay full longer, and don’t feel the need to snack excessively. So while I can’t say this supplement “burns fat” directly, it has allowed me to control my portions and snacking, so my weight has come down in a healthy way.
  2. Energy – I don’t nap like I used to. I get 6-7 hours of sleep a night and that used to  be almost enoug h for me, if I took a 20-30 minute nap during the day. Now, that nap is no longer needed. I’m able to stay energetic throughout the day on the same amount of sleep.
  3. Blood pressure – This is a big one for me. Before Zip Slim, I was hovering around the 140/90 mark, barely in the safe zone, while on blood pressure medication. Now, I’m closer to 110/80 most of the time. Zip Slim makes no claims regarding blood pressure, and I am not an expert or physician. I am just sharing my experience and you should consult your physician with any questions on this matter. Also, I am still on my medication, but I’m hoping to get off of it at some point, upon doctor’s review.
Blood Pressure Monitor

Finally, I mentioned my wife is suffering from far fewer migraines. I don’t have a good explanation for how or why that should be happening, but we are extremely happy about it. She was getting a migrain about every three to four weeks and they would last for a day or more. When we drink both of our lemonades daily, they are pretty much nonexistent anymore. When we slack off a bit and skip a day or even one of the drinks in one day, they have a habit of creeping back. 

As with the blood pressure, take that with a grain of salt. Zip Slim makes no claims regarding migraines and is not intended to treat any medical conditions.

I guess the only thing left to answer is: Am I happy with my experience using Zip Slim? The answer is a resounding yes. I will continue to provide updates in the future. And yes, it is still expensive, but when you break down the cost, it is just $2.82 per drink, taken twice daily. That’s less than many of us spend at a popular coffee chain on a daily basis!

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